HW mixed flow volute diesel engine pump Product Details

Flow: 90-3400 m3/h

Lift: 5-12.5m


Power: 1.55-98.6kw

Temperate: Room temperature

The flow quantity and head of mixed flow pump is between that of centrifugal pump and axial flow pump. It is small and light, with high efficiency in a wide scope. Its structure is simple, easy to use and maintain. It can deliver clear water or fluids similar to water, applicable for farmland irrigation and water supply or drainage in industries.

HB type mixed flow pump is horizontal single stage single suction cantilever type volute pump. The models from 6HB to 12HB eject water up vertically; the models from 16HBC to 26HB send out water from bottom; 14HBC has two options, either ejecting water up vertically or sending it out from bottom.

HW mixed flow volute diesel engine pump Product Parameters



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