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Information 5M 10M Thread 316L Submersible Water Pumps Water Level Sensor

316L Durable Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter 316L Durable Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter,Hydrostatic Water Level Sensor. 1.Introduction. K-LLT drop-type liquid level transmitter adopt high precision, high stability and diffused silicon pressure sensitive chip is selected.End date: Jun 19, 2020 HPT604 Submersible Water Level Sensor - Holykell The submersible water level sensor is suitable for any water level measurement. It adopts 316SS all-welded stainless steel body design, which can resist the impact and erosion of any medium. 01316SS all-welded stainless steel body and 316L stainless steel diaphragm. 02Unique 8 pressure holes design. Power supply: 12~36VDC 5m directly Submersible Hydrostatic Level Sensors & Probes Level sensors for submerging permanently in liquid to determine the level or depth of fluid by measuring the hydrostatic pressure. Choose a submersible hydrostatic level sensor for use with a liquid such as drinking water, freshwater, seawater, wastewater, chlo

Principal 5M 10M Thread 316L Submersible Water Pumps Water Level Sensor

Submersible Liquid Level Transmitte Submersible Water Rika specialized in RKL-01 submersible water level sensor, Call! salesrikasensor Rika is a weather sensors manufacturer and solution provider of best weather station & RS485 tank water liquid level sensor hydrostatic liquid QDY30A submersible Water Level Sensor, its 304 &316 stainless steel and hermetically sealed housing make it suitable for most industrial liquids and oils. . The welded housing is tested in-house via a helium leak tester to ensure proper protection. Tank Level Sensors for Pressure Measurement TE Connectivity Fresh water, diesel fuel tanks and chemical totes all use submersible pressure transducers for level monitoring. Submersible Pressure Transducer Available with intrinsically safe ratings, the AST4500 and AST4510 submersible pressure transducers can measure liquid level from 1 PSI. Hydrostatic Level Transmitter Submersible Level Sensor Model LV36 Hydrostatic liquid level transducers and transmitters with

Manufacturer 5M 10M Thread 316L Submersible Water Pumps Water Level Sensor

HPT607 Submersible Borehole Level Sensor - Holykell Deep well and drilling level measuring instrument. The submersible borehole level sensor is designed for ground water and drilling fluid level measurements. Based on the fluidics design, it can ensure the stability of the measurement. Level Sensor & Transmitter ATO Submersible level sensor adopts 304 stainless steel housing and waterproof cable, can be put in water/oil/fuel tank or reservoir directly for liquid level measurement. The measuring range can be 0-1m/0-3m/0-5m/0-10m ~ 0-200m. Liquid level sensor has optional accuracy 0.5%FS or 0.3%FS, output signal 4-20mA/0-5V/RS485, power supply DC 24V/12V. Water Pump Controllers - Automatic Water Pump Level Water Pump Controllers. We are engaged in offering our customers Water Pump Controller.Under this category, we offer our customers a wide assortment of Pump Controller, Water Pump Automation System, Water Pump Controller, Water Level Controller, Water Level Automation, Submersible Pu

Purchase 5M 10M Thread 316L Submersible Water Pumps Water Level Sensor

Submersible Water Level Sensors Products & Suppliers Description: OMEGA's PX437, PX438 and PX439 Series submersible water level transmitters are designed to meet the rigorous environments of applications including well monitoring, pump tests, lift stations, chemical tank level, ground water and surface water measurement . Level Measurement Type: Continuous Level; Maximum Operating Pressure: 300 psi CRS451: Stainless-Steel Stand-Alone Pressure Transducer The CRS451 consists of a water-level and water-temperature sensor that has its own time clock and memory to store the collected data, in a compact stainless-steel case. This frees users to place the sensor in remote sites and let it collect data for long periods. : 1pc Submersible Water Level Transducer Sensor Hand tool 1pc Submersible Level Transducer 0-10mH2O 10m Cable Level Transmitter Level Sensor(Item#110111) $59.33 $ 59. 33 Currently unavailable. We don't know when or Series SBLT2 & SBLTX Submersible Level Transmitter has The

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